WTI (West Texas Intermediary) is one of the premier oil benchmarks in the world. The use of WTI as a pricing mechanism extends far beyond its local and refined export markets. With production accounting for over 10% of global demand, and pricing accounting for over 25% of global supply, the DGCX WTI futures contract provides accessibility to the global energy market to a wider range of participants.

Paired with the DGCX’s existing USD currency suite, the WTI futures contract will draw a stronger appeal to existing contracts on other global exchanges which are of a larger size. The DGCX WTI contract will help facilitate price discovery by new market participants, offering protection and hedging opportunities to all.

Arbitrage opportunity

Greater access to international energy markets with clear, understandable     regulations Unique trading opportunity in the region to participate in global oilmarkets Larger contract size in line with other global exchanges USD             denominated, Cash settled with a tick size of USD $10

 Affordable Size

Tax Free – No transaction Tax and Zero Capital Gains tax Market hours          encompassing the largest global liquidity pools Basis 1,000 Barrels contract,   traded on a secure regulated marketplace