Gold is one of the oldest and well-known products used for investment in the history of human existence. The investments in gold have traditionally been to hedge against inflation. For majority of the diversified investment funds, gold is a must have product in the portfolio. 

DGCX Gold futures contract provides the international benchmark pricing Gold contract for investors, speculators, hedgers and arbitragers. Gold futures contract was the first contract launched on DGCX platform in 2005 and has traded more than 5.4 million lots since then.


Arbitrage opportunity

Arbitrage opportunity with the highly correlated gold contract based on Indian and      other international benchmark prices. Benefit from margin offset provided by DCCC    for  inter-commodity spreads USD denominated, Intention matching mechanism for    delivery

gold bar 1.jpg

Affordable Size

 Low cost structure

 Lot size of 32 troy ounces (Approx. 1 KG)

 Tick size of USD 0.10 per troy ounce and tick value of USD 3.2

 Efficient margining for optimal leverage

6 contract months (covering approximately a calendar year) available at any given             point of time